Great finds of Tartessos in Badajoz

Great finds of Tartessos in Badajoz

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The Turuñuelo de Guareña site, in Las Vegas Altas del Guadiana, in Badajoz, continues to offer new and great discoveries about the final stage of Tartessos, the famous civilization located in the southwest of the peninsula of the first half of the first millennium BC.

Now the two-story building of 2,500 years old, the only one that remains from this time and that was destroyed and sealed by the Tartessos themselves, is offering a lot of information about their advanced construction methods and about their way of life thanks to the remains and objects that appear inside.

Among them stand out the remains of an adult person 1.67 meters tall, from which they can continue to extract DNA for study, which have been found in a different room than the enclosure in which more than 50 horses and other animals have appeared, in what is supposed to have been a ritual.

In addition, a large corridor surrounding the building, being a curious characteristic of this enclosure together with the 11-step staircase and the use of false vaults.

Another great find that arouses much more curiosity is that of the feet of a Greek marble sculpture, being surprising because this material had not been documented in the peninsula until Roman times.

These objects show their close relationship with other Mediterranean cultures of that time, as Phoenician, Greek and Etruscan vessels and plates have been found, in addition to the aforementioned statue that still preserves its polychrome in perfect condition.

The set itself also demonstrates a great political and economic power, data that is extracted when analyzing the materials used for the building and the enormous size of the Badajoz deposit.

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