Tomb with intact armor found in Japan

Tomb with intact armor found in Japan

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Workers paving a rural highway in Japan came across a 1,500-year-old underground tomb which contained a large stone coffin, human remains and, most surprisingly, armor in great condition.

The remains probably belong to a local leader, while the armor, known as «tanko«It is believed that it was a gift from the Yamato imperial court (current Nara prefecture), in appreciation of the cooperation that person offered them, explained the Shibushi education board.

Tatsuya Hashimoto, a professor of archeology at the Kagoshima University Museum, explains that the tomb «it was probably built for a powerful local leader who was directly connected to the Yamato imperial court«.

The tomb dates from the Kofun period, from the end of the 3rd to the 7th century, and is one of the largest underground tombs found in the Osumi region with 2.6 meters long, 1.8 wide and 1.6 meters high, while the chamber funeral home measures 2.6 meters long and 1.9 wide.

The skeletal remains found belong to an adult man of 1.70 meters high, and a sword, its sheath and a large number of objects were also found.

The tanko was in an almost immaculate condition standing next to the coffin and measures 35 cm by 40 cm.

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