The History of Disguise: Carnival Timeline

The History of Disguise: Carnival Timeline

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Carnivals have centuries of history, and the characters that appear in them have the same custom: to dress up. In each event of this type, the best carnival costume is always chosen, and in fact in other times the winners were crowned as “king” and “queen”. In this way it arrivesthe history of disguise, and of the carnival, until today. But since when has humanity the habit of disguising itself?

The first costumes were used in prehistory

Long ago, when the society had just been built and divided into tribes in the prehistoric stage, the first men began touse certain "costumes" with various utilities. How were these?

The men went hunting whenever they could to provide food for their tribes, and on many of those occasions they fought with real beasts such as wolves, bears or mammoths. Many of the people who went hunting were surprised by the strength of these animals, and they pretendedacquire their characteristics and abilities by putting their skin on.

Thus appears the first type of costume that is dated, by a prehistoric custom ofput on the skin of animals by way of fierceness. However, this can also be considered as one of the first pieces of clothing, because at that time no one used to dress in any way.

It is also remarkable that, although this was not thestart of the carnival, yes that those skins were used to scare in certain occasions to the companions of the tribe or other groups. Therefore they already had a comic purpose.

Ancient Egypt brings us one of the most common costumes: the mummy

In his time it was not a disguise as such, but the Egyptian custom ofmummify the dead has brought us one of the most common traditions in any carnival or costume event nowadays. Who has not thought of rolling up with toilet paper and showing up like that at a party?

The costumes of the Roman and Greek festivities

If there's one thing ancient Roman and Greek cultures were devoted to, it'sthe gods. Thus, for a long time, all those who made up these societies dressed in the image of the different gods they worshiped.

Thelist of Greek and Roman divinities It is quite wide, and in fact carnivals and different festivities dedicated to each god and each specific theme (agriculture, rain, fertility, etc.) were organized.

The Venice carnival is the one with the most history

But if there is a carnival with more history, it is that of Venice. His masks, recognized all over the world, are already alandmark of the city, and one of the most coveted souvenirs by tourists.

This carnival has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, although its origin has a much deeper meaning than today. It began to be carried out so that the nobility, dressed in a bizarre way and with masks, couldmix with the people without anyone recognizing them.

In the contemporary age the Brazilian carnival triumphs

In Rio de Janeiro and different cities in Brazil is where there is more tradition right now forcarnivals and costumes. Endless contests are held and people parade through the streets showing very colorful clothes and dancing lively songs that accompany the various floats.

It's about aworld famous show and it is the definitive evolution of the taste for costumes and carnival.

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