They find a skeleton and a new machinery among the wreck of Antikythera

They find a skeleton and a new machinery among the wreck of Antikythera

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The most famous shipwreck in Ancient Greece, «the Shipwreck of Antikythera«, Continues to leave us amazing discoveries. To the now famous «Antikythera mechanism«, Which was finally discovered to be a machinery that served to predict the movement of planets and stars, we must add a new object that has been found recently.

The finding has been that of a lead object similar to a bell weighing about 50 kg, which was lowered tied to a rope and whose utility was to measure the depth of the sea, and to collect various samples from the seabed, with the objective of provide the captain of the ship with useful information to anchor.

«This unpretentious instrument was vitally important for safe navigation in ancient times«Declared the Greek Ministry of Culture in a statement.

This finding was made in conjunction with that of a skeleton which probably belonged to one of the sailors and which is expected to be able to provide much more information on the ethnicity and geographical origin of the victims of the shipwreck, subjecting the remains to various DNA tests to be held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution of the University of Massachusetts.

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